28 August 2023 to 1 September 2023
NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

The 1st IReNA-Ukakuren Joint Workshop “Advancing Professional Development in Nuclear Astrophysics and Beyond” took place on August 28th - September 1, 2023, at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).

This was the first workshop promoting exchange of human resources between Japan Forum of Nuclear Astrophysics (JaFNA or Ukakuren) and International Research Network for Nuclear Astrophysics (IReNA), with a core emphasis on professional development of young scientists.

The workshop covered a wide range of research topics in nuclear astrophysics;

  • Nuclear Equation of State
  • Nuclear structures and reactions for astrophysics
  • Stellar evolution, explosive phenomena, and nucleosynthesis
  • The early Universe: Big Bang nucleosynthesis and metal-poor stars
  • Chemical evolution of star clusters and galaxies
  • New facilities and experimental techniques
  • Neutrino and particle physics
  • Recent hot topics and others

and we had many discussions between researchers interested in nuclear physics experiments, nuclear theory, astronomical observations, nuclear astrophysics theory, and any related areas.

We congratulate the winners of the poster session:

  • Kosuke Sakanashi (Osaka University)
  • Mackenzie Smith (Michigan State University / FRIB)
  • Yugo Motogami (Saitama University)
  • Kurumi Furutsuka (University of Hyogo)


(Workshop poster by Agedoridori)

Organizing committee:
Chikako Ishizuka (Tokyo Tech, Corresponding, IReNA FA8 coordinator)
Thomas W. Chillery (CNS, U Tokyo)
Akira Dohi (Hiroshima Univ.)
Nao Fukagawa (NAOJ/Soken Univ.)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN)
Seiya Hayakawa (CNS, U Tokyo)
Shun Iimura (Rikkyo Univ.)
Miho Ishigaki (NAOJ)
Tadaaki Isobe (RIKEN)
Kanji Mori (NAOJ)
Nobuya Nishimura (RIKEN)
Kaori Otsuki (Fukuoka Univ.)
Ryo Sawada (U Tokyo)
Sota Yoshida (Utsunomiya Univ.)
Takahiro Kawabata (Osaka Univ./RCNP)

For inquiries please contact: irena-tokyo-ws@zc.iir.titech.ac.jp

Code of Conduct
All participants must follow the IReNA code of conduct found at: https://www.irenaweb.org/code-of-conduct.html
For the version specific to the workshop: "IReNA CoC for IReNA-Ukakuren Joint Workshop 2023".

This workshop is jointly hosted by IReNA, Ukakuren, CNS, NAOJ, RCNP, and RIKEN iTHEMS, and funded by IReNA
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